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Expanding body, breath, and mind daily

Daily Growth Yoga is a brand created and represented by Yoga Instructor Marcus Stanback. Marcus has been a dedicated student of yoga for nearly 5 years and began sharing his love for the connection of breath, movement and mindfulness in Los Angeles, CA. After completing a 200-hour teacher training in 2018, and a 300-hour advanced training in 2019 at Yoga Bhoga in Portland, OR Marcus started Daily Growth Yoga to share movement tips, perspective, and personal experiences from developing his yoga practice.


In Marcus' words:

"Yoga practice is a practice of building awareness of our individual experience to help us better connect to the collective experience of society." 

Whether you want to improve your strength and flexibility, develop a stronger body-breath-mind connection, accelerate recovery of an injury, or make a lifestyle change to support your health and wellness Daily Growth Yoga is here to share the practice of yoga with you. 

Baddha Konasana- Yoga Bhoga.JPG
Eka Pada Koundinasana 2

Beginner/Foundational Yoga

Stability & Mobility

Great for 1st time yogis! We explore the foundations of yoga in connecting the efforts of breath, body, and mind to learn poses and movement that are commonly taught in public yoga classes. No previous experience needed.

Align & Flow Yoga

Align, Refine, Flow

Linking breath to movement introduced me to the beauty and fun yoga offers. With mindful breath and movement we explore fun shapes and transitions with a light heart and open mind. Here is the opportunity to develop strength in transition for mind, body, and breath.

Slow Flow/Yin Yoga

Rest & Release

Linking breath to slower movement can be used to decompress the body, mind, and nervous system . Slowing down gives our body a rest from the ongoing pace of society. Variations offered for all levels.

Feel Good > Look Good.

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Students' Feedback

Marcus, I've enjoyed your class. Sorry you're leaving so soon!

Patsy L.

"I've never asked my creator for anything I wasn't willing to share."

- Marvin Stanback a.k.a. "Pops"

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